Her mom fled violence and worked hard to rebuild so Angie and her sister could have a great life.

Angie’s mom Helen fled a violent relationship and found safety with her children in a women’s shelter. Helen entered in to the Up With Women career development program and proceeded to launch two small businesses while also building her job plan to sustain her family over the startup period.

A talented dancer, Angie wants to pursue performance as a career. If that doesn’t pan out, she says she wants to become a doctor. Never one to curb her ambition, she would also like to create a home for the homeless.

See below to hear Angie talk about her mom, and talk about her own experiences as they went from homeless survivors to thrivers.

Why we went to the shelter

Going to School Homeless

When I grow up, I wanna be a....

Our first apartment was like a closet

Angie's Poem - Everyone Deserves a Home

Mom tried to make life normal

If I could do anything for mom

Why mom inspires me

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