nikitaNikita Miller, Regional Program Manager – London

After participating in Katimavik and getting a taste of non-profit agencies at the young age of 17, Nikita Miller unlocked a passion for personal development, building teams, and making change in her communities. After completing high school, Nikita participated in Canada World Youth where she experienced being immersed in new communities with other youth from across Canada, Sri Lanka, and Mali, Africa.

Since graduating university, Nikita’s career has taken off. She got her start at Brescia University College and is well known for her commitment to empowering young women and girls. Nikita is currently the Youth Mentorship Program Coordinator at London’s Cross Cultural Learner Centre and a Community Consultant that has collaborated on a number of innovative initiatives.

Nikita brings with her many unique experiences, a knack for building meaningful relationships, an inherent desire for collaboration, and a “we’ve got this” attitude. She is working towards a Master of Adult Education at St. Francis Xavier University, on the Board of the Sexual Assault Centre London, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dimensions of Leadership and Community Development.

Nikita is many things but never boring: a mom of two, feminist, skydiver, egg donor, motorcycle driver, valedictorian, lifelong learner, and unapologetically herself. Her desire for growth and ability to adapt to new challenges make her a great addition to the Up With Women team.